Android.. heard of it? Most people have, but very few people know about it in detail (excluding nerds of course :p).

It is one of the most used and most popular Operating System for Mobile Phones on this planet. It is based on modified Linux kernel and currently owned by tech giant GOOGLE. Android is an Open Source Operating System that means its source code can be downloaded by anyone and one can also edit it to suite one’s need. It is written in JAVA (UI), C (core), C++ and other language. One of the reasons Android is popular and common OS is due to its open source code so any company can customize its features according to their needs, there is no restriction. But this “open-sourceness” comes with a well known risk, i.e Security and Privacy. Latest versions provide better protection to malware than earlier versions. Although most android devices can be hacked easily using malware and spyware. Currently most used android version is Nougat (7.0,7.1) with usage share of 28.5%. In terms of Security, it lags behind iOS as iOS is proprietary mobile OS by Apple Inc. To protect your android phone just install a good antivirus/anti-malware application from play store and DO NOT install app from 3rd Party stores.

Still, as per price point of view Android is far cheaper than iOS.

As they say “iPhone ke GST me to ek VIVO milta hai :p”.

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