What is engineering? Engineering was one of the most respected branch of science. It involves studying real life issues and resolving them using math and physics. It involves study of higher math and basic machines (eg- IC engine, Lathe machine,etc.), analyzing forces acting on them, integrating all the forces, etc.. etc.. (<-This is what engineers call AN IDEAL definition).


Engineering is least respected branch, its more like an OPTION to students who gets less marks. Especially Mechanical engineering. Nevertheless colleges teach to students, still Engineering now, is writing tonnes of ASSIGNMENTS (which we never read) , appearing for VIVA…..sorry I mean RE-VIVA (even if we answer all questions correctly in first attempt). VIVA day is more like REVENGE day for all teachers where they ask questions which they never taught (I remember a que asked to me in viva:”Which place is famous in Ahmedabad?”).

Before, there were 5 engineers in 100 people . NOW, mostly every family have an engineer.

People forget that all tech  developed today is by engineers.


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