We hear this word daily….Torrent..It is a P2P file sharing protocol.So What is P2P?

P2P is peer-to-peer connection. As the name says, the connection between both devices is direct, there is no in-between server. Another example of P2P connection we use daily is WiFi-Direct (i.e Xender, ShareIT,etc. softwares use WiFi Direct). Unlike Xender like apps, torrent needs internet connection to transfer data cause its shared over WAN (wide area network).

TORRENT is a file extension for a BitTorrent file format used by BitTorrent clients. Torrent files contain text and point out the trackers for a download to begin downloading from distributors (known as seeders) and requesting clients.

There are terms like Seeders, Leachers, Peers in torrents…

Seeder is someone from whom you can download a piece of file. Hence they affect the overall availability of file on P2P network.
Leecher is someone who has downloaded a file but is not sharing it back to P2P network. Hence, overall availability of file decreases. (I am a Leecher :p)
Peer is someone who is involved in file sharing activity.

So basically more the peers, seeders, more the availability of file. Also sometimes seeders have less upload speed than downloader’s download speed. In such situations more seeders are needed to download file faster.

To use torrent, one needs to download Client software. There are many  Torrent client available like BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze Leap, etc. Also if someone doesn’t want to download client can use online cloud torrent services.

Torrents are useful but personally I don’t like it cause it basically reveals your public IP and port used by client. And trust me that info is enough to doom someone…. To be safe from this use Online Cloud torrent services or use VPN.

There is also another type of sharing service… Its called UseNET.. Only major difference is UseNET is not P2P, it includes intermediate server. Another MAJOR difference, UseNET is PAID…so there is not much issues using Torrent…Keep Downloading :p.



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